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1 : 00 PM 

Welcome And Opening

Prof. Tan Sri Dr. Jemilah Mahmood

1 :10 PM


EcoMatcher is a certified B corporation, planting trees and forests transparently around the world. At RED this year, we are thrilled to be participating in the restoration of our forests as part of Roche’s sustainability efforts. Join us and be a part of this green program by casting your votes to help us decide which country to plant the forest.

Click here for Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific’s sustainability report.

1 :15 PM

Partnering Patients

Strengthening the Patient Voice within Health Systems in Asia Pacific

Dr. Ratna Devi | Mr. Lance Little | Dr. Suvanich Triamchanchoochai | Ms. Genevieve Woo

Today, patient experience (based on experience at a single point of interaction) is built into qualitative feedback assessments at many health institutions, but patient engagement (based on consistent and proactive touchpoints in a person’s health journey) are frequently overlooked. In this panel, speakers will discuss how health systems in APAC can adopt an effective patient patient-centered approach by overcoming the Patient Engagement Deficit.

2 : 00 PM

My Dream is to be a Mother:  

 A 29-year-old shares her five-year battle with cervical cancer

Ms. Summer Ng | Ms. Yvonne Ng


Summer Ng was 24 years old when she was told becoming a mother was not something she could do, after she noticed unusual bleeding after intercourse. Join Summer in a candid fireside chat where she talks openly about how cancer has affected her as it was so unprecedented. She would also be sharing her journey on mental wellness and her strength to come home to herself in shaping her life and perspectives.

2 : 15 PM

Labs Of The Future

Enablers for Patient-Centred Care

Dr. Dewi Muliaty | Dr. Kuldeep Singh (KS) Sachdeva | Dr. Rob Grenfell | Ms. Genevieve Woo

While the role of labs have gained prominence during the pandemic, systemic challenges continue to perpetuate the lack of broad public interest in preventive care. However, as health systems continue to grapple with rising costs, increasing patient burden amidst an ageing population, this panel will discuss how labs can emerge as the key to becoming a foundational element of patient-centric care. As diagnostics the critical first-step of patient engagement, what are the region-appropriate actions for healthcare stakeholders?

3 : 00 PM

Rare Genetic Diseases and the Diagnostic Odyssey:   

A Caregiver's Journey

Mr. Will Greene

In December 2021, Arihai Emanuel Greene was born with signs of Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS), a rare and serious genetic disorder that includes a complex spectrum of cognitive, behavioural and developmental disabilities. In this session, his father will discuss the diagnostic odyssey, including the emotional experience of navigating the Singapore healthcare system and coping with a PWS diagnosis. He will also discuss the important ongoing role of lab diagnostics in managing his son’s condition and what his story shows about the patient journey in rare diseases more generally.

3 :15 PM

5G Clinical Intelligence 

Dr. Chee Ching

During COVID-19 epidemic, Taiwan’s medical behavior is changing at an accelerated pace with an increasing needs of telemedicine. After Taiwan officially enters the new 5G era in 2020, FarEasTone Telecom is the first to launch 5G Telemedicine Solution enabled by 5G’s key features of ultra-large mobile broadband, ultra-low latency and massive connectivity. FET 5G is connecting things and people at the fastest pace through the development of IOT, AI and Cloud solutions, not only FET is bringing medical care to zero distance and creating ESG impact, FET also welcomes partners from various industries to create a greater digital transformation impact with a greener world in the near future.

3 : 55 PM

Virtual Reference Site Visit: Changi General Hospital Singapore

 Impact of Innovation on Patients and Society  

Clinical Assistant Prof. Jansen Koh 


An aging population coupled with an increasing burden of disease have unarguably tested the capabilities of many healthcare systems in the region. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it has also pushed digital health technologies into the fore, and accelerated the integration of technology to complement and enhance the delivery of care.

Today, let us take a look at how Changi General Hospital (CGH) in Singapore, has been innovating and humanising technology to give Singaporeans a caring general hospital. CGH was recognised by Newsweek as one of the World’s Best Hospitals (Singapore) in 2022, and also ranked amongst the World’s Best Smart Hospitals and World’s Best Specialised Hospitals in 2023.

12 : 00 PM


The New Era Of Laboratory Medicine:
Challenges And Opportunities

Dr. Raja Elina

Laboratory medicine will continue to evolve due to the changing disease pattern, technological advances and external economic pressures. Medical laboratories need to provide a quality service, taking into account the economic challenge of cost containment.  Technological innovations have played an important role in laboratory medicine. Increasing adaptation of automation; Advancement in integrated diagnostics and artificial intelligence; Rapid development of novel, non-invasive tests are all driving towards affordable and patient focussed healthcare in the recent years.  Today, medical laboratories need to focus not only on the quality requirements in testing but to also develop value-based strategies where the focus is the patient. 

1 : 00 PM

Opening Speech

Mr. Lim Hong Yew

1 : 05 PM

New Era of Diagnostics In India

Mr. Dheeraj Jain

The presentation by Dheeraj Jain, Founder & MD, Redcliffe Labs, will talk in detail about the changing landscape of diagnostic in India, right from home sample collection to integration of technology with a digital outlook.

Redcliffe Labs since its inception in 2018 has acted as a Disruptor in Diagnostics, staying true to its vision of providing world-class diagnostic services to people across the Indian sub- continent in an affordable manner.

The presentation will talk about ‘Importance of Diagnostics in Disease Management’; ‘Current Industry Size- Organized, Unorganized & HLM’; ‘What’s the Key Brand Message and Service Delivery Models through which Consumer Trust can be build upon’; ‘Diagnostics for Bharat and Redcliffe’s contribution towards ensuring this.

The innovations and technology integration e.g. Temperature controlled rider bags, AI & ML supported infrastructure with a complete ‘Glucose to Genetics’ Approach as some of the key strategic initiatives for the growth of Redcliffe Labs. (edited)

1 : 45 PM

Healthcare Imperative

Enhancement of Laboratory Operational Efficiency

Dr. Imran Nazir Ahmad

A clinical laboratory typically generates about 70% of diagnostic information, which are imperative for timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment. With the human race challenged with new diseases at an unprecedented rate, the need for laboratories to churn results at higher speed, quality and consistency has become a pressing top priority. Today, technological advances have brought about a diagnostic test menu of more than 4000 tests and an array of automation and informatics to aid laboratories with the increasingly complicated diagnostic test requests. Let us see how modern laboratories adopt these solution(s) to bring better outcomes to the patients.

2 : 25 PM


Mental Wellbeing And Resilience
Why Investing in Mental Health Pays Back 10x (and more) for the Individual and Their Organisation

Dr. Oliver Suendermann

Covid-19 has put mental health at centre stage, with both organisations and individuals becoming increasingly aware of the importance of mental well-being. Many digital well-being solutions exist, but only few are scientifically validated.
The talk first highlights global trends in mental health and resilience. I illustrate how investment in clinically validated well-being solutions has enormous returns for employees and their organisations. In the second part, I share practical tips on what we all (as individuals) can do to improve our resilience. The audience will be engaged through interactive polls.

2 : 40 PM

Strengthening Healthcare Systems Through The Critical Role of Diagnostics

Mr. Chris L. Hardesty | Dr. Roberta Sarno

As COVID-19 has taught us, the quest for solutions to major public health challenges (infectious and non-communicable alike) starts with – and depends on – diagnostic technology. In line with the WHO Essential Diagnostics List (EDL) and Lancet Commission efforts, APACMed and its members have come together to produce an inaugural paper about the value delivered by diagnostic technologies in the Asia Pacific. And yet, despite accounting for 70%+ of clinical decision-making, diagnostic technologies receive <1% in resource allocation of total healthcare expenditures. The purpose of this session, therefore, is to share the latest insights from public-private dialogue on improving the value recognition of diagnostic technologies by governments and payers in the region, using live case studies to demonstrate the potential for a shared journey toward sustainable population health.

3 : 20 PM

Metabolism in Personalised Health and Medicine 

Prof. Markus R. Wenk

Metabolism serves in conversion of food to maintain cellular and organismal life as well as biochemical waste management. Many aspects of metabolism are conserved throughout the kingdom of life and are highly individualized. Here I will outline how attention to individual metabolism will offer new opportunities for personalized health and medicine. Current diagnostic and therapeutic examples are emendable to future refinement and novel applications by modern technologies and individual engagement.

4 : 00 PM

My Journey to Recovery

Sandy Yzelman

Diagnosed with both coronary artery disease and hyperthyroidism, Sandy Yzelman shares his patient journey on the process of seeking, receiving, and continuing care within a health system.

4 : 15 PM


EcoMatcher is a certified B corporation, planting trees and forests transparently around the world. At RED this year, we are thrilled to be participating in the restoration of our forests as part of Roche’s sustainability efforts. Join us and be a part of this green program by casting your votes to help us decide which country to plant the forest.

Click here for Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific’s sustainability report.

4 : 20 PM

Closing Remarks

Mr. Lance Little